Virtual Guided Historical Tour of Pompeii Italy

Founded in the 8th Century by the Oscans, Pompeii was the home of the ancient Italians people who settled on these southern slopes of Mount Vesuvius along the banks of the Sarno River.


Virtual Guided Historical Tour of Pompeii Italy on Thursday, February 25, 2021 at 7 PM – 8:30 PM EST

Despite so much history to restore the city from earthquakes and personal troubles, on August 24t of 79 AD, Pompeii fell to the disastrous eruption of Mount Vesuvius. Since then, it has been a heavily visited area by travelers from all over the worked.

Take a virtual guided experience of the archaeological site of Pompeii. See the ruins of location such as the Forum, Thermal Bathes, the Garden of the Fugitives, the Basilica and much more!

Note: Our live guide will be using photos, art (and perhaps other media) during the tour. He will cover the history and modern significance of each location. we visit.

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